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KievAccommodation Apartment on Prorizna street - Kiev - Ukraine

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zip code(postal code) Kyiv - 01032 Kyiv: 01032 - Ukrainian post code...

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Ukrainian zip codes

It is noteworthy that the zip codes of Ukraine like the most of the rest of the world based on a German invention, which appeared in 1962. Oddly enough, but In fact the correspondence exists many centuries, and the index appeared only in the XX century...

Zip codes Ukraine

The help system zip codes of all settlements of Ukraine. Using materials from this site recommended "Ukrposhta".

Domashniy Uyut Nikolsko-Slobidska - Kiev - Kiev - Ukraine

Postal codes of Ukraine

Postal codes of Ukraine. Справочник почтовых индексов Украины. Индексы по улицам областых центров.

Gonchar Hotel - Kiev - Ukraine